35 to 50 – Grow Your Nest Egg

At this stage of your life it is important to have planned your financial future and be working toward achieving your goals. Debt free at retirement, paying off your house and ensuring your family are protected throughout their lives are just some of things you may have, or may need to consider. We have put some questions down below to see where you are at with your plans.

Do you feel that your finances are disorganised and you don’t have any clear plans for the future?

We can enhance your current financial position, through streamlining your assets, focusing on building retirement wealth and assisting you with planning for the next 10-15 years.

Do you have a young family? Is education important for your children? How are you going to fund this?

We can assist with the planning of these large expenses.

Do you have financial aspirations but feel as though they are merely dreams?

Bridge Private Wealth can educate you on how to convert these aspirations into reality. Whether it is providing a clear path to retirement or becoming debt free, we will provide you with a step by step plan to achieve your goals, and guide you throughout this process.

Are you and/or your family adequately protected should something happen to you?

Have you considered what would happen to you and/or your family financially if you couldn’t work due to illness or injury? How would you continue to meet your and/or your family living expenses?

Upgrade the house? Is your mortgage ruling your life?

Bridge Private Wealth understands the financial burden of owning your own home. But there is no need for it to rule your life. We can provide a strategy to ensure that you can move into your dream home and be debt free upon retirement.