How does Labor’s Franking Credit Proposal affect me?

Dear Clients, The Labor Government announced last week that if elected, they plan to remove refundable franking credits attached to company dividend income from 1 July 2019. This has naturally raised some concerns across a range of clients primarily being, how does this affect me now or in the future? Whilst this topic has received […]

The $1.6m Simple Super Cap Strategy

In light of the legislative changes as at 1st July 2017 relating to the maximum amount of wealth being $1.6m (transfer balance cap) an individual can inject into the superannuation environment, the following simple example illustrates earlier the better when maximising┬ásuperannuation benefits. Most Australians are aware of this simple concept, however these changes in our […]

US Election Impact

Now that the US Election has concluded, we received a concise summary from K2 Asset Management during the week that resonated….. The main positives that we see for the US equity market from the Trump victory are as follows: The ability to implement policy change via having control of both the House of Representatives and […]

Federal Budget 2016

Superannuation Changes to concessional superannuation contributions The annual concessional contribution cap will be reduced from 1 July 2017 to $25,000 per annum for all ages. From 1 July 2017, high income earners will pay an increased level of contributions tax on concessional contributions – from 15% to 30% for income of $250,000 and above. What […]

Market Update: Week in Review (April 13)

Global equity markets meandered higher in a shortened week with little international news flow. Liquidity has been fairly thin, and the combination of holidays, a lack of narrative altering news and the looming 1Q15 earnings season has paralysed activity a little as investors wait to see the numbers. Despite the lethargy, Europe continues to trade […]

Protect Your Lifestyle

Did you know you have a one in four chance of being injured and having to take more than 3 months off work? North Shore Financial Planner, Jessica Waller, has been concerned by the numbers of Sydney workers not aware nor protected by the impact of an injury on your lifestyle. As a country we […]

2013/14 Company Earnings Results

One of the research houses we follow has released their report on the 2013/2014 earnings season. I encourage you towatch this video: If you wish to discuss this video further, please call our office. Jessica Waller.