Client Profile – Natalie Sella

Natalie-B&WNatalie Sella is the General Manager of multimillion dollar global business, Elizabeth Arden. With a high powered and demanding role, spare time to manage her own personal finances was hard to come by. When the desire to buy a house and build her superannuation for her future, became too big to ignore, Natalie knew she needed to seek some kind of advice. Natalie said she wanted some expert advice on where to start and what I needed to do to maximise my earnings potential and pay down debt as quickly as possible without compromising my lifestyle too much.

Although Natalie thought that this kind of help would have come from her bank, she had never felt that a bank could assist her financial situation apart from trying to sell various products had always assumed going to a financial advisor would be costly and time consuming. Natalie contacted CABEL Financial via the suggestion of her accountants CABEL Partners (previously FWA Eagar&Co) and met with Director, Joel Xuereb had an initial meeting with Joel on the advice of my accountant which completely changed my perception and gave me the peace of mind I needed to take the plunge.

In just under 3 years working with CABEL Financial, Natalie has achieved a huge amount with her personal finances. This includes selling her apartment and buying a house, consolidating her superannuation funds, proactively managing mortgage repayments and developing a share portfolio, all of which mean Natalie’s money is working hard and returning her a healthy income. Natalie has been able to feel confident that her overall wealth is growing for retirement, and these changes have given her the ability to comfortably take a year off work for maternity leave and upgrade the family car.

Natalie and her family will also be protected as she has worked with Joel to put insurance policies in place, planned an estate and created a will and other important legal documentation concerning her daughter that will clearly outline what will happen in the event of an accident or other misfortune.

Natalie says these changes have improved her life for the better making informed decisions and building up a nest egg for the future and for my family.

One of the main deterrents for Natalie regarding working with a financial planner was trust. She says of Joel, “he’s an exceptionally good listener and he genuinely takes the time to really understand my needs which often change with time and adjusts my financial plan accordingly”.

CABEL Financial has received several referrals from Natalie, and when asked how she describes what Joel does for her, she says: “Joel is great at adjusting his style and the language he uses to suit the needs of the individual and express things in a way that can be easily understood. This is so critical when it comes to money matters and building trust. He talks to me rather than at me”.

Joel Xuereb works alongside his Financial Planning Partner Jessica Waller and their team in North Sydney. If you would like to make an appointment with Joel or Jessica, please call 02 8071 0306.