Who we are

Joel Xuereb, Director holds in excess of 15 years experience providing Financial Planning to a variety of individuals. Joel is fully qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance, a Diploma in Australian Tax Law, an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services, a Diploma in Financial Markets and Investments and is also an accredited Self Managed Super Fund specialist. Importantly, Joel is continually adding to his professional development by advancing his education through ongoing tertiary studies and industry/market analysis in order to continually provide his clients the best advice possible. Joel is also humbled by the loyalty he enjoys with a substantial number of satisfied clients.

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Jessica Waller, Director has been involved in the provision of financial advice for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Economics and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services. Jessica maintains a high level of enthusiasm with providing proactive advice. By gaining a thorough understanding of her clients’ personal circumstances and ambitions, she is able to provide tailored strategies to deliver financial certainty and empowerment.

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Neelan Sornalingam, Director aims to create clarity for clients through a dedicated understanding of their individual needs and wants. With a desire to build open and honest relationships and the experience to guide people successfully towards their goals, Neelan has been living his dream of helping people to plan their lives since 2005. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning as well as a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance.

Quyen Quach, Financial Adviser has been involved with financial services for the last 12 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and has completed the Certified Financial Planning course. Quyen specialises in providing clients with expertise around strategy and financial modelling. He has a passion for guiding clients through making the best financial decisions to achieve their desired goals, whilst at the same time helping them to become inspired by what outcomes are possible.

Cynthia Hay, Client Management assists the team by ensuring clients affairs are at all times functioning optimally. Cynthia has several years of experience working in the financial planning industry as well as numerous commendations from past clients she has worked with and assisted. Cynthia also has an array of interesting extra curricular activities outside the office including embroidery and learning Gaelic.